Corporate Responsibility &
Brand Values Scholarship

$1,500 Video Submission Contest Fall 2023
Shopping isn’t just about what you’re buying anymore — it’s who you’re buying it from.

How to Enter the Fall 2023 Scholarship

At Knoji, we seek to promote positive brand values

Like you, we want to shop from brands who share our values. Brands who are focused not just to the bottom line, but toward making a positive impact on their communities. Brands who want to make the world a better place.

As a leading consumer knowledge site, we at Knoji believe in promoting greater transparency among brands so all of us can be more informed and make better buying decisions. We encourage brands to clearly and openly communicate their values, and for shoppers to research the brands from whom they buy.

What brand do you believe in most?

What brand best embodies the values you admire or aspire to? What company is making an important, positive impact? Share your thoughts on your favorite brand and let the world know why you love them.

For example:

  • Bombas donates an item of clothing for every item purchased. To date, they have donated over 100 million items to homeless shelters through their Giving program.
  • LUSH sells a lotion called Charity Pot where 100% of the price goes toward small organizations devoted to human rights, animal protection, and environmental justice.
  • Tentree has planted over 85 million trees by planting 10 trees for every item purchased.

You can also check out some videos from past scholarship recipients at the bottom of this page for inspiration!

Share your favorite brand and why you believe in them

Create a short TikTok or YouTube video (less than five minutes, preferably around 2-3 minutes) to share your favorite brand, their values, and how they’re making a positive impact. Describe the brand, who they are, and what they’re all about. Maybe you’ll even inspire other people to check them out!

In your video, you must answer the following:

  • Identify the brand, where they're located, and what products or services they provide.
  • How is this brand making a difference? What are their brand values?
  • Why is this brand’s mission meaningful to you personally? If possible, share a story or personal anecdote to illustrate your connection to the brand’s mission.
  • Why should other people buy from this brand?

We’ll evaluate your video and select our scholarship recipient.

Important dates

  • Submit your video by October 31, 2023.
  • We will announce our Fall 2023 scholarship recipient on November 14, 2023.
  • Stay tuned for next semester's scholarship and beyond!

Submission period now closed!

The submission period for Fall 2023 is now closed. The owner of the winning submission will be notified via email on November 15, 2023. The winner will also be published to this page after claiming the prize. Stay tuned for next semester's scholarship announcement.

Additional information and FAQs

What criteria are used to judge the videos?

  • How well do you describe the brand, its values, and your connection to the brand? Are we inspired to start buying from this brand after watching your video?
  • Is your video well-produced, entertaining, and engaging?
  • Does your video stand out?

Who is eligible for this scholarship?

  • You must be enrolled in a US college or university
  • You must be a US citizen
  • You must provide a valid .edu email address with your application

Additional information

  • By submitting your video, you are giving Knoji permission to share your video on our blog or other channels.
  • The scholarship recipient will be notified via email and will have two weeks to claim the scholarship.
  • The $1,500 scholarship will be remitted within one week of the recipient’s claim either directly to the recipient or to the recipient’s college or university, based on school scholarship requirements.

Prior Winners

Congratulations to our Fall 2021 $1,500 Brand Values Scholarship Winner!

Jessica Smith
Stetson University
Thank you
Winning video submission:

Congratulations to our Spring 2020 $1,000 Brand Values Scholarship Winner!

Maya Takagi
Doctor of Medicine (MD), 1st Year
Central Michigan University College of Medicine
Having experienced a lack of quality healthcare in my early childhood, I have always wanted to become a great doctor and work in underserved communities. This passion has driven me to manage working part-time as a nursing assistant, volunteering within my community, leading student organizations, and doing decently well academically in undergrad. I am thrilled to go to medical school, but financing higher levels of education is difficult so I appreciate that Knoji hosts scholarships such as this. This scholarship means that I will be able to start medical school excited about the next step towards my career, instead of worrying about finances, and pursuing my goal of practicing medicine in underserved areas!
Winning video submission:

Congratulations to our Spring 2019 $1,000 Brand Values Scholarship Winner!

Giavana Aviles
Nutrition and Food Science, Concentration in Dietetics, 4th Year
San Jose State University
Winning this scholarship has brought me some financial relief, as I will be using the money toward paying for next year’s school expenses. I am also so glad to be bringing attention to Imperfect Produce, a company truly making an impact on creating a sustainable future, something that I am passionate about.
Winning video submission:

Congratulations to our Fall 2018 $1,000 Brand Values Scholarship Winner!

Jill Young
BFA Acting major, 3rd Year
UT Austin
I’m excited to be awarded this scholarship! I’m passionate about comedy and filmmaking, and I intend to use the money to help fund my upcoming projects!
Winning video submission: